Additional Assistance

Help for ABSTUDY students and Australian Apprentices in severe financial difficulties.

If you’re eligible for ABSTUDY Living Allowance, and need extra help, you could be eligible for Additional Assistance. This is if you need additional help because you’re in severe financial difficulties and at risk of dropping your studies or apprenticeship.

You may be eligible if you are in 1 of these situations:

  • the financial cost of your study or training has put you or your family in significant financial hardship
  • you’re an independent boarding student and you have no financial support during school holidays because it’s unreasonable to live at home.

If you’ve been impacted by an emergency or disaster, you may be able to get Additional Assistance in an Emergency.

To claim Additional Assistance, call us on the ABSTUDY line. You’ll need to give us all of the following:

  • information about your study or training that has led to your financial difficulty
  • details of your, or your family’s, fortnightly income and expenses
  • evidence from your boarding school, welfare agency or another body that supports your claim
  • an indication of how much you’ll need.

We’ll decide how much you may get based on your circumstances. We’ll send you a letter.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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