Your responsibilities

Your responsibilities when dealing with us.

We all deserve to feel safe and to be treated with respect.

When you contact us, you can expect our staff to provide a simple, helpful and respectful service. We expect you to be respectful to our staff when you do business with us.

Respectful behaviour includes all of the following:

  • treating us and other customers with respect
  • explaining what you need without yelling, threatening or abusing our staff
  • listening to our staff so they can help you
  • not filming, recording or photographing our staff without their consent.

Abusive, threatening or violent behaviour

We don’t accept abusive, threatening or violent behaviour. When you behave this way, our staff don’t feel safe and can’t help you.

If you’re aggressive, we may ask you to leave our premises or end a phone call with you. We may also send you a letter asking you to be more respectful when you contact us again.

If you’re violent or make a threat of violence, we’ll call the police.

If your behaviour has made our staff or other customers feel unsafe, we’ll put a Managed Service Plan in place.

Managed Service Plans

A Managed Service Plan is an action we take to tailor the way we deliver services to some customers.

We can put a Managed Service Plan in place in any of the following situations:

  • where a customer needs support using our services
  • after an incident of customer aggression
  • where a customer’s behaviour could pose a risk to staff safety.

Managed Service Plan restrictions

When on a Managed Service Plan, you can still access our payments and services. Your plan may limit the way you can contact us.

You may either:

  • only be able to contact some phone numbers during business hours
  • only be able to contact us online or in writing.

You may not be able to do either of the following:

  • attend our service centres or any place with Medicare, Centrelink or Child Support services
  • attend a service centre without an appointment.

We’ll contact you if we decide to apply a restriction.

Removing your restrictions

You can contact the person listed in your Managed Service Plan during business hours to discuss why we have restricted your service. If you disagree with the explanation, you can ask us to review our decision.

We review Managed Service Plans regularly. We’ll remove restrictions when we’re sure that you’ll be respectful and don’t pose a risk to our staff.

Other ways to access our services

If you need someone to deal with us on your behalf, you can authorise them to enquire, update, act or get payments for you.

Help in difficult times

Our social workers can help you if you’re going through a difficult time.

We can support you if you’re experiencing family and domestic violence.


If you wish to make a complaint, you can speak to our staff. For more information, refer to the Complaints and Feedback page.

If you need an interpreter, we'll arrange one for free.

Page last updated: 9 June 2023.
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