Who can get it

To participate in MyMedicare, general practices, health care providers and patients must meet the following requirements.

Eligibility for general practices

To be eligible for MyMedicare, general practices must:

  • provide Medicare-funded services
  • be registered in the following Services Australia systems:
    • Provider Digital Access (PRODA)
    • Health Professional Online Services (HPOS)
    • the Organisation Register
  • have at least one eligible provider linked to the practice in the Organisation Register. Eligible providers can be a vocationally registered GP, non-vocationally registered GP or a GP registrar
  • be accredited against the National General Practice Accreditation Scheme - non-accredited practices will have 12 months to register with an accreditation agency and gain accreditation.

An accreditation exemption is available until 30 June 2025. This is available to non-accredited practices (including sole providers) who deliver general practice services to:

  • Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS)
  • Aboriginal Medical Services (AMS)
  • mobile and outreach models:
    • in rural settings
    • in residential aged care
    • in disability residential settings
    • to First Nations Australians
    • to people experiencing homelessness.

For more information and support on accreditation processes, see the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (for general practice) or contact your local Primary Health Network.

Eligibility for healthcare providers

To be eligible for MyMedicare, providers must:

  • work at a MyMedicare eligible practice
  • be linked to the practice on the Organisation Register
  • have a valid provider number and be eligible to deliver Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) or Department of Veterans’ Affairs equivalent services.

The provider must be an eligible GP or nurse practitioner.

Eligible GPs include:

  • vocationally registered GPs
  • non-vocationally registered GPs
  • GP registrars.

Eligibility for patients

Patients can register for MyMedicare from 1 October 2023.

Patients must have a Medicare or Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Veteran card to register in MyMedicare. There’ll be options for patients to register online and or in-person at their registered practice.

Read about patient eligibility on the Department of Health and Aged Care website.

Page last updated: 21 August 2023.
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