Who can get it and how much you can get

To get the Essential Medical Equipment Payment (EMEP) you must meet the eligibility requirements.


You or the person you provide care for must meet all of the following:

Dependent children can’t claim this payment.

Payment amount

We’ll pay you $183 per year for:

  • heating or cooling used for medical needs
  • each piece of eligible essential medical equipment.

For example, if you have 2 pieces of equipment and need heating for your condition, you’ll get 3 payments each year. One payment for each piece of equipment, and one payment for the heating.

Once you get it

You don’t need to claim again for the same equipment or heating and cooling you get payments for. We’ll keep paying your payment each year until your circumstances change or you move address.

You only need to submit another claim if you either:

  • get an extra piece of equipment that you need to claim
  • change your address.

If you change your address, we’ll cancel your claims at the old address and your payments will stop. You’ll then need to submit a new claim for the equipment, heating or cooling at your new address. When your payments start, you don’t need to claim them again. We’ll keep paying you each year until your circumstances change or you move address again.

Page last updated: 1 July 2023.
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