Who can get it

To get this payment you must provide full time care for a child younger than 7 and meet other rules.

A doctor must diagnose the child with a severe medical condition or severe disability.

You must also meet the following rules:

  • you must get Carer Allowance for the child
  • you must have a very strong need for financial help
  • the child must need this care for at least 2 months
  • you and your partner can’t be getting Carer Payment or be able to get another income support payment from us.

Time limit to apply

You must apply within 2 years from the first time a doctor diagnoses the child’s condition.

Catastrophic events

Catastrophic events are things like:

  • a childhood stroke
  • childhood cancer
  • autism
  • genetic conditions.

They can also be events like a:

  • car accident
  • fall
  • fire
  • poisoning
  • near drowning.

Page last updated: 10 December 2021