When you live overseas

How to make sure you stay informed and up-to-date when you’re living overseas.

Be COVID-19 safe

If you’re an Australian deciding whether to stay overseas long term, there are things you need to consider. The smartraveller website has COVID-19 advice when you’re staying overseas.

Living and working overseas

At any time there’s around one million Australians living and working overseas. Properly preparing for a long stint outside Australia will make the transition less stressful. Read Going overseas to live or work on the smartraveller website for more information.

Keep us up-to-date

You need to tell us about changes to your circumstances. The same rules apply if you’re living overseas and receiving a payment or concession card from us.

It’s easier to keep us up to date using your online account, through myGov, which you should set up before you go. You may not be able to set up your online account after you leave Australia. Read about travelling overseas and accessing myGov on the myGov website.

If you can’t access your online account, you can call one of our international numbers to keep us up to date.

Get Australian Pension information

If you’re a pensioner who lives outside Australia and gets a Centrelink payment, read Australian Pension News for the latest information.

Your tax and super obligations

If you’re living outside of Australia, you may have different tax, super and reporting obligations. The Australian Taxation Office website has information about Australians living overseas.

Your voting responsibilities

Enrol to vote

As an Australian citizen there are a range of voting options available if you’re living overseas. The timeframes to register and enrol to vote are different when you’re overseas.

Find out more about overseas enrolment on the Australian Electoral Commission website.

Voting from overseas

The voting options for Australians who are overseas during the federal election or any federal by-election is dependent on the local COVID-19 environment.

Find out more to vote from overseas on the Australian Electoral Commission website.

Page last updated: 30 March 2022