When to claim

There are benefits to claiming your pension and bonus at certain times. For example, after you stop work or have finalised your super arrangements.

However, you must claim the Pension Bonus with your Age Pension.

You must make your claim within 13 weeks of either of the following events:

  • you stop meeting the work test, this is generally the time you stop work
  • a period of non-accruing membership ends.

If you submit your claim after 13 weeks, we may either:

  • reduce the bonus amount we pay
  • not pay the bonus amount at all.

We only accept a claim after 13 weeks in special circumstances, such as a serious illness.

Use our Financial Information Service (FIS) to explore your options and the timing of your claims. To make an appointment with a FIS Officer or ask for information on investment planning call the Older Australians line.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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