What happens when you give us a medical certificate

We use your medical certificate to work out if you can get an exemption from your study requirements for a certain time. This is so you can keep getting Austudy.

Depending on your illness or injury, if you can’t meet your full time study load requirements you can do a reduced study load. You’ll still qualify for Austudy.

We assess your need for a temporary incapacity exemption based on your medical certificate. Giving us a medical certificate doesn’t always mean we’ll give you an exemption.

This may be if either of the following apply:

  • there’s not enough information from the doctor, medical practitioner or specialist to make a decision
  • your inability to study isn’t temporary and not likely to be resolved within 2 years.

You may also need to give us letter from your education provider. This is to confirm both of the following:

  • your enrolment status
  • your ability to catch up on your course.

If we need more information including this letter, we may contact you.

If we give you an exemption

We may give you an exemption if your medical certificate tells us both of the following:

  • your sickness or injury is temporary
  • you’re unable to study or train full time for a short time.

If we give you an exemption, we’ll tell you how long it’s for. You must tell us within 14 days of knowing you’re unable to start studying again after your exemption period ends.

If we don’t give you an exemption

Depending on your situation, you may no longer be eligible for Austudy because you don’t meet the activity test.

If this happens, we’ll discuss what options are available for you. This may include both of the following:

  • your eligibility for another payment such as JobSeeker Payment
  • an exemption from mutual obligation requirements because of your sickness or injury.

You may be able to reclaim Austudy when you return to full time study.

Use the Payment Finder to see what other payments you may get.

Page last updated: 5 July 2024.
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