Using Medicare Easyclaim

Information you need to know when using Medicare Easyclaim.


There are no additional bank transaction fees for you or your patients using Medicare Easyclaim. Standard EFTPOS charges will still apply, including the cost of renting a terminal. Contact your EFTPOS provider to find out more.


Medicare Easyclaim uses EFTPOS terminals, which are available in most practices. As a result, your staff will only need minimal training in how to use this claiming channel.

Some practices have asked if they will need a second EFTPOS terminal. This is up to you, and depends on how it runs and which claiming solutions are in place.

You won't need to switch on Medicare Easyclaim. If you already have an EFTPOS terminal, contact you financial institution to ask if they offer Medicare Easyclaim.

If you don't already have an EFTPOS terminal, contact your financial institution to ask if they offer Medicare Easyclaim and enquire about having a terminal installed.

Things that can't be claimed through Medicare Easyclaim

Some medical services can't be claimed using Medicare Easyclaim. These include:

  • services for veterans, Department of Veterans' Affairs claims
  • childhood immunisation, Australian Childhood Immunisation Register information
  • in-hospital services
  • complex pathology.

These services can be claimed using other claiming channels, such as Medicare Online.

Allied health professionals, dentists and dental specialists

Allied health professionals, dentists and dental specialists can use Medicare Easyclaim and Medicare Online to submit bulk bill and patient claims.

Allied health professionals include:

  • Aboriginal Health Workers
  • audiologists
  • chiropodists
  • chiropractors
  • dentists
  • dental specialists, non-Medical Benefits, Dental Practitioners, Advisory Committee
  • diabetes educators
  • dieticians
  • endodontists
  • exercise physiologists
  • mental health workers
  • occupational therapists
  • oral medical and pathology practitioners
  • orthodontists
  • osteopaths
  • physiotherapists
  • podiatrists
  • psychologists
  • prosthodontists
  • paedodontists
  • periodontists
  • social workers
  • speech pathologists.

Computer software

Medicare Easyclaim can be used as a stand-alone system, so you don't have to change your computer software to use it.

For some practices, there is a chance of data entry errors. This is because of the need to double key some claim data: first on the EFTPOS terminal, then on the practice management software. However, Medicare Easyclaim enabled EFTPOS terminals will have some claim data hard-coded in, such as provider numbers and common item numbers. This will speed up transactions and reduce the chance of errors.

Swiping Medicare and EFTPOS cards through the EFTPOS terminal, instead of keying these numbers, will also save time and reduce error rates.

Medicare Easyclaim works best for simple claims, such as those with one item number, where less data is involved.

Claimants who don’t get their benefit

In a small number of cases, the claimant – person who paid for the service – may not get their Medicare benefit claimed using Medicare Easyclaim.

If this happens the health professional at practice that did the Medicare Easyclaim should complete a Medicare Easyclaim enquiry form and send it to us.

Patients' bank account details

The patient simply swipes their Medicare and EFTPOS cards through your EFTPOS terminal and the information is automatically sent. You are not required to collect a patient's bank account details.

Patient privacy

Patient privacy is protected. All information sent via EFTPOS is encrypted and sent through a secure network. As part of the accreditation agreement for Medicare Easyclaim, financial institutions are not permitted to collect, store or use any health claiming information.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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