Using the HPOS Messages

A guide to help health professionals use HPOS Messages.

HPOS Messages is a way to send and receive secure notifications. It’s not an email account.

Use HPOS Messages to:

  • securely communicate with our program areas
  • receive statements and notifications about programs you’re enrolled in, and
  • manage notifications.

You can send and receive direct communication through HPOS Messages for:

  • AIR
  • DVA
  • eBusiness helpdesk
  • Healthcare Identifiers Service
  • Medicare
  • Midwife Professional Indemnity Scheme
  • Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)
  • Practice Incentives Program (PIP)
  • Workforce Incentive Program (WIP) – Practice Stream

  • Telehealth
  • Track and Scale, 19AB exemption.

Program statements, correspondence and subscriptions

The following statements and correspondence can be delivered using HPOS Messages:

  • Medicare statements
    • 90 day pay doctor cheque scheme EFT payments
    • Medicare bulk bill statements
  • Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) statement of payment
  • Rural Incentive Program
    • statements and notification, payment advice, payment summary
  • Midwives Professional Indemnity (MPIS)
    • Notifications, payment statement and request for information
  • Practice Incentives Program (PIP) Online
    • Incentives News Update, Payment advice and Annual Confirmation Statement
  • Workforce Incentive Program (WIP) – Practice Stream Online
    • Payment advice and Quarterly Confirmation Statement

  • Track and scale notification
    • 19AB exemption reminder notification, scaling completion letter
  • DVA Coordinated Veterans’ Care Program
    • Patient Treatment Reports (PTR) individual and summary
    • DVA Webclaim statements.

You must subscribe to receive program statements and correspondence.

  • select Messages from the main menu
  • select Statements and Subscriptions.

There are two types of subscriptions in HPOS:

  1. Standard
    • select Start subscription to receive a statement electronically
    • any changes you make to your subscriptions apply from the next working day
    • once a subscription has started it can’t be cancelled for 13 weeks. To unsubscribe, select End subscription.
  2. Automatic
    • you may be automatically subscribed to receive some statements depending on your program enrolment and provider type
    • the details of your automatic subscriptions shown on this screen are for view only
    • you can't control access to these subscriptions or unsubscribe.

Practices enrolled in PIP and WIP – Practice Stream must subscribe to statements and correspondence through PIP or WIP) – Practice Stream online applications in HPOS.

Accessing your mailbox

Your mailbox lets you send and receive message messages to our program areas for your own purposes.

  • select Messages from the main menu
  • select My mailbox.

For PIP and WIP – Practice Stream practices, we recommend you use your organisation(s) mailbox.

Accessing organisations(s) mailbox

Only PIP and WIP – Practice Stream services are available using the organisation(s) mailbox. It lets you send and receive messages about these programs on behalf of the practice.

  • select Messages from the main menu
  • select My organisation(s) mailbox.

Composing mail

  • select Messages from the main menu
  • select My mailbox or My organisation(s) mailbox
  • select Compose new mail
  • select the recipient from the drop down list
  • enter a subject in the subject field. We recommend standard wording for certain mail. For example, when you provide an updated list of authorised employees to access the HI service, use "Authorised Employee file HPI-O 8003 62_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _", including the HPI-O number in the blank spaces
  • enter a message in the text field. The maximum length of your message can only be 4800 characters (including spaces)
  • to attach a file to your mail:
    • select Browse
    • search for and select the file on your computer or network
    • select Open
    • select Add File to attach the selected file to the email,
      to remove the file, select Remove.
  • when your mail is complete, select Send
  • if you choose not to send the mail, select Cancel. The text you entered won’t be saved.

Form upload

  • select Messages from the main menu
  • select My mailbox or My organisation(s) mailbox
  • Select Form upload.

Read more about Form upload.

Managing notifications

Notifications sent to your personal email address alert you to mail in HPOS Messages. To receive notifications you must provide an email address and set the frequency of notifications.

You can choose to have notifications delivered:

  • immediately, as new mail arrives in HPOS
  • daily
  • weekly.

It is important to manage your HPOS messages notifications to ensure you are alerted of incoming mail and outstanding statements, especially if you have opted to receive subscriptions online.

Setting up notifications

When you first log on to HPOS you’ll be asked to set up notifications. You can also set up or change your notifications at a later date.

You can’t adjust notifications for providers while acting as a delegate. Providers must set up their own notification preferences. If you log on with a PKI site certificate, you can’t change notifications for yourself.

Changing notification settings

  • select Messages from the main menu
  • select My mailbox
  • select Settings, adjust preferences
  • select Save.
Page last updated: 28 April 2022.