Roles in the HI Service

When you register in the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service, you can assign roles to employees.

Organisations must have people in the following roles to register in the HI Service.

An individual can act in more than one role. For example, a sole trader may be an individual healthcare provider who is also the RO and the OMO.

Responsible officer (RO)

This is usually the Chief Executive Officer. They’re responsible for a seed organisation’s interaction with the HI Service and ensuring its network organisations, authorised employees and contracted service providers comply with legislation.

Organisation maintenance officer (OMO)

This is usually the Practice Manager. They’re responsible for keeping information about the organisation in the HI Service system up to date and making sure information about authorised employees is maintained.

Authorised employee

This is usually the Practice Manager or other support staff. They’re responsible for verifying patient information, including an existing patient’s IHI, searching for and retrieving an IHI for a new patient and notifying the HI Service when a patient dies.

Individual healthcare provider

This is someone who provides healthcare services to the public. They’re able to:

  • add and maintain some healthcare identifier details in the HI Service
  • search for the IHI of a patient they are providing healthcare to.

Organisations can also have IT support organisations that provide services for them. An IT support organisation can have the following roles.

Contracted service provider (CSP)

A CSP manages or communicates health information for a healthcare provider.

General supporting organisation (GSO)

A GSO provides infrastructure and information for the My Health Record system for a healthcare provider.

Page last updated: 4 May 2022.
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