Reconciling Medicare Easyclaim payments

Reconciling payments for Medicare Easyclaim, you should choose the claiming option, or combination of options, that best suit your business needs.

One thing you should consider in making this choice is how you reconcile bulk bill claims, or how you would like to.

For Medicare Easyclaim operating as a stand-alone solution, you obtain your bulk bill processing and payment reports through Health Professional Online Services (HPOS). You then download and print a PDF or Excel file and reconcile this report against your claims. Due to the information contained in these reports, their size and the need to print the reports, it is not possible to retrieve these via the EFTPOS terminal.

There is no requirement for you to reconcile patient claims in either Medicare Online or Medicare Easyclaim. You could therefore choose to use Medicare Online for bulk bill claims and automatic reconciliation. Then use Medicare Easyclaim for patient claims and real-time payment of patient benefits.

Automatic reconciliation

Automatic reconciliation is available for financial institutions to integrate with the Medicare Easyclaim solution through their practice management software.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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