Preparing to claim a payment from us when retiring

Find out what you need to have in order before you apply for a payment after you retire.

Read more about how you can work with your superannuation provider and transition to retirement on the Moneysmart website.


When you start preparing to claim a payment, you’ll need to know whether you’re eligible for it. You will need to tell us what assets you and your partner have. This helps us assess your claim.

Your assets could include any of the following:

  • savings accounts, including term deposits
  • shares, securities and loans
  • managed investments
  • superannuation
  • real estate and mortgages
  • personal effects and vehicles
  • assets held within private trusts and companies that you have an interest in.

We have more detailed information on the types of assets we need to know about when you apply for a payment.

If you're selling assets to downsize and move house, you'll need to update your details with us.


When you apply for a payment, we’ll need to know about your and your partner's income.

Even if you’re not working, you may still have an income. Your income could come from any of the following:

  • deemed income from financial investments
  • real estate income
  • income streams
  • distributions or dividends from a private trust or private company
  • reportable superannuation contributions.

We have more information about what types of income we need to know about and what is exempt income.

International pensions

We can help you claim a pension from another country if you’re eligible for it. We also have social security agreements with other countries to make sure you can get help if you’ve moved overseas.

Read more information about what countries have social security agreements with us and what pensions you may be eligible for.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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