How the Medicare Online for software vendors works.

Medicare Online claiming software is integrated directly into practice management software and uses the internet to lodge claims with us.

Medicare Online covers:

  • patient claiming, real-time and store-and-forward
  • same-day delete request, for real-time patient claims only
  • bulk bill claiming
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs medical and pathology
  • Australian Immunisation Register notifications
  • Online Patient Verification for Medicare and private health insurers
  • ECLIPSE (Electronic Claim Lodgement and Information Processing Service Environment)
  • In Hospital Claim (IHC) claiming to us and private health insurers
  • checking eligibility online.

These online options mean the practice no longer needs to lodge paperwork with us. Health professionals who use Medicare Online claiming software know immediately if their transmission is delivered.

Public Key Infrastructure

Online claiming uses Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to ensure communication is secure, private and identifiable. PKI uses digital certificates to digitally sign and encrypt electronic transmissions.

Page last updated: 22 October 2019