Apply for a provider number or prescriber number

How to apply for an initial Medicare provider number, Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) prescriber number or additional provider numbers.

Medicare provider number applications are taking 9 calendar days to process from the date we receive your application.

About Medicare provider numbers

A Medicare provider number is a unique number you can get if you’re an eligible health professional recognised for Medicare services. You need a provider number to claim, bill, refer or request Medicare services.

You must be registered with the Australian Health Regulation Agency (Ahpra) or an approved registration body to apply for one.

We’ll always record your name on your provider number exactly as it’s registered with the relevant registration board or professional body.

Make sure you apply for one early. We get a high number of applications from December to April. During this time it can take a few weeks to get your provider number.

You can’t access Medicare services until you have a provider number. You also can’t use another health professional’s provider number.

You’ll need more than 1 Medicare provider number if you:

  • deliver health services in different locations
  • are registered in more than one health profession.

Find out how to apply for additional provider numbers.

About PBS prescriber numbers

A prescriber number is a 7 digit number that:

  • uniquely identifies that you’re eligible to prescribe medication under the PBS
  • is not location specific.

You’ll need more than 1 prescriber number if you provide services in multiple health professions.

Page last updated: 19 November 2020