View or download an MRI providers list

You must have Administrator or Staff access to view or download a list of MRI providers.

Step 1

View your LSPN in HPOS

Select View/Manage for the LSPN number you want to update.

LSPN - My organisations page - view

Step 2

Select Associates Details tab.

This shows the MRI providers currently listed at the LSPN.

LSPN - My organisations page - associate details

Step 3

Select Download MRI Providers - PDF to download a PDF document of the MRI providers currently listed at the LSPN.

Note: If you receive the error message: ‘No Data Found’, this means there are no current MRI providers listed at the LSPN and an MRI Provider List can’t be generated.

LSPN - My organisations page - download MRI providers pdf

You should read the LSPN – HPOS User Guide – before you start.

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Page last updated: 21 October 2019