Add other HPOS users to LSPN

You must have Administrator access to add other HPOS users.

Step 1

View your LSPN in HPOS

Select Manage for the LSPN number you want to update.

LSPN - My organisations page - manage

Step 2

Select Associates Details tab.

LSPN - My organisations page - associate details

Step 3

Select Add.

LSPN - My organisations page - add associate details

Step 4

Enter the fields to add other users

Type select the role type.

A user with a Staff role can:

  • view LSPN details
  • view and download equipment lists
  • view and download list of MRI providers.

A user with an Administrator role can perform all Staff role functions as well as add and update:

  • authorised representative details
  • LSPN mailing address
  • other HPOS users linked to the LSPN.

Access, select how the user will log in to HPOS. You can choose from PRODA or PKI.

Identifier, select the relevant PRODA account or PKI reference.

Step 5

Select Add New when you’ve finished.

LSPN - My organisations page - add new associate details

Step 6

Select Submit to confirm your changes.

LSPN - My organisations page - submit associate details

Step 7

A confirmation page will display, review your changes.

Select Save to finalise your changes.

LSPN - My organisations page - save associate details

You should read the LSPN – HPOS User Guide – before you start.

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Page last updated: 21 October 2019