Obligations for businesses

We do regular reviews to check you’re meeting your obligations.

The BasicsCard Merchant Terms outline your obligations as an approved store or business.

The BasicsCard Special Conditions for Taxi-cab and Minibus outline extra obligations for these businesses.

If you breach these obligations, it can affect your eligibility to accept the BasicsCard as a form of payment.

Watch our video about your obligations as a BasicsCard business.

Customer privacy

You may have access to some personal information of BasicsCard customers.

The Privacy Act 1988 protects customer information. The confidentiality provisions contained in law also apply.

Read more about your obligations as a BasicsCard business or merchant.

It is a legal obligation that you protect the personal information of customers. This obligation is ongoing and continues even after you are no longer a BasicsCard business.

Keeping us up to date

Once we approve you to accept the BasicsCard you’ll need to keep us up to date with changes to either your:

  • business
  • EFTPOS facilities.

If you change or add EFTPOS terminals you must let us know. Our Helpdesk activates new or updated terminals.

If you sell your business, let us know before the handover date. The new owners will need to apply to accept the BasicsCard.


You must give your BasicsCard customers an EFTPOS receipt for each transaction.

If your store sells excluded goods, you must also give your customers an itemised receipt. You must also keep a record of these itemised receipts for at least 2 years from the transaction date.

Read more about your record keeping obligations as a BasicsCard business.

Page last updated: 24 March 2020