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Changes to MBS items during the coronavirus (COVID-19) response

As part of the coronavirus (COVID-19) response, there’s changes to the MBS items.

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Consent to disclose medical information form (SA472)

Use this form to confirm that you consent to your treating health providers disclosing relevant information about your disability or medical conditions to us.

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Manual identity verification for Provider Digital Access form (HW080)

Use this form if you could not verify your identity online for your Provider Digital Access (PRODA) account or your name has changed.

Assignment of benefit signature requirements and exemptions

Signature requirements when a patient assigns their Medicare benefit to the servicing provider as full payment for health services.

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Centrelink Medical Certificate form (SU415)

Use this form if you’re a medical practitioner and your patient can’t meet their requirements because they are temporarily incapacitated due to a medical condition.

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  2. Accessing the MyMedicare program for Health Professionals

Who is eligible to get MyMedicare

To participate in MyMedicare, general practices, health care providers and patients must meet the following requirements.

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  2. How to manage your details in HPOS

Managing provider number locations using HPOS

How to manage your existing Medicare provider number when you close or re-open a location.

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Compensation and damages form (MOD C)

Use this form to let us know about compensation you’ve already received, you’re getting now, or you’re about to get.

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Application for a Medicare provider number and, or prescriber number for allied health and non-medical health professionals form (HW093)

Use this form if you are applying for an initial or subsequent Medicare provider number or a PBS prescriber number or both.

  1. Aged care entry requirements for providers
  2. Residential Care

Residential Aged Care means assessment

We collect financial details of care recipients to complete a Residential Aged Care means assessment. We then work out how much a care recipient pays for their care services.

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