Medicare Online for health professionals

Medicare Online cuts paperwork and speeds up payment times.

You can submit patient, bulk bill and Department of Veterans' Affairs claims, and transfer Australian Immunisation Register data, via a secure internet connection.

What you need to know

Payments for bulk billed services are deposited directly into your nominated bank account in 2-3 working days.

It also makes it easier for you to help patients claim their Medicare benefit on the spot. Patients can receive their benefit electronically, usually the next working day, by providing their bank account details to us.

If you already have Medicare Online, it's easy to switch on patient claiming in your software. To find out more, contact us or your software vendor.

If you're using Medicare Online for patient claiming, you don't have to ask patients for bank details. Patients register their bank details with us to claim on the spot at the practice.

Key features

Medicare Online:

  • can be used for patient claims and bulk bill claims
  • allows Online Patient Verification and Online Eligibility Verification
  • provides notification of immunisation through the Australian Immunisation Register
  • is integrated with practice management software
  • requires an internet connection, PC and practice management software
  • no batching required
  • makes payments within 2-3 working days via electronic funds transfer
  • makes payments for patient claims, usually the next working day
  • has secure communication using PRODA.

Online functionality offered through Medicare Online specific for Department of Veterans' Affairs claims includes:

  • paperless claiming for:
    • medical and pathology
    • in-hospital services, including accommodation, theatre fees and prostheses
    • allied health services
    • community nursing services
  • online checks to see if a patient is known to the Department of Veterans' Affairs.

Assignment of benefit documents

You no longer need to store assignment of benefit forms at the practice if you’re using Medicare Online.

If we need to confirm that the service was provided to a patient, we’ll seek alternative evidence from you that the service was provided. Evidence may include electronic billing information and notes in practice software appointment records. You can also provide the copy of the assignment of benefit form if your practice chooses to retain these..

The legislative requirements for the assignment of benefit are:

  • an agreement must be made between the patient (assignor) and you for the assignment of benefit
  • the agreement is evidenced through the use of the assignment of benefit form
  • the patient is required to sign the form
  • a copy of the agreement must be provided to the patient.

Medicare digital claiming return codes

When you submit a claim for Medicare benefits, we use return codes to tell you why the claim was rejected or how the claim was assessed. Web service enabled products will receive a return code with a meaningful message.

Under adaptor technology you’ll continue to receive return codes. Find more information on Medicare digital claiming return codes.

Further information

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