How to get an immunisation history statement

How to get your or your child’s immunisation history statement.

You can get your immunisation history statement straight away using either:

If you can’t use Medicare online, your vaccination provider can print your immunisation history statement for you.

You can also call the AIR enquiries line and ask us to send your immunisation history statement to you. It can take up to 14 days to arrive in the post.

Your child must be under 14 for you to get their immunisation history statement.

Children who are 14 or older

For privacy reasons, anyone aged 14 or older can get their own immunisation history statement. They can do this:

If your child is over 14, you can get their immunisation history statement if you have their consent. You can call the AIR enquiries line to ask us to give you a copy. Your child will need to speak to the service officer to verify their identity before we can do this. They’ll need to give their consent each time you need one.

Page last updated: 14 September 2020