Who can get it

You need to meet certain criteria to get Dad and Partner Pay.

To get Dad and Partner Pay you must be one of these people, the:

  • child's biological father
  • partner of the birth mother
  • adoptive parent
  • partner of an adoptive parent
  • person caring for a child born of a surrogacy arrangement.

In some circumstances, you may also be eligible if you're either the:

  • partner of the biological father
  • partner of a new carer where care arrangements have changed, other than a foster care or permanent care arrangement.

For information about who we consider partnered, read more about relationship types.

You also need to meet all of the following conditions:

  • meet a work test
  • not be working for the same period you get Dad and Partner Pay
  • not taking paid leave for the same period you get Dad and Partner Pay
  • be caring for the child on each day of the period you get Dad and Partner Pay
  • meet resident rules and be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • meet an income test.

In cases of a stillbirth or infant death, you may be able to get one or both of these payments:

Income test

You need to have earned an individual adjusted taxable income of $150,000 or less. This is for the financial year before your nominated start date, or date you submit your claim, whichever is earlier.

Not eligible

You can’t get Dad and Partner Pay if you’re the birth mother of the child. Instead, you may be able to get either:

Page last updated: 12 March 2020