Changes to your fees or circumstances

We regularly review your aged care fees or you can ask us to review them. You need to tell us when your circumstances change.

How we review your fees

We review your aged care fees every 3 months.

This means we do all of these:

  • look at changes to your care needs or financial position
  • set your fees for the next 3 months
  • work out if you should get any refunds.

When we’ve done the review, we write to you to tell you:

  • if your fees will change
  • what they will be.

We also write to your aged care provider.

Read more about changes to aged care fees on the My Aged Care website.

When your circumstances change

Make sure your details are up to date. If your personal or financial details change you can update them by:

Asking us to review your aged care fees

You can ask us to review your aged care fees if you have a change of circumstances. This could be a change of income or in the value of your assets.

To ask for a review you can call either the:

Page last updated: 17 February 2021