Video chat for Centrelink appointments

We’ve started using video chat to help some customers. We may be able to arrange a video chat with you.

Depending on the type of payment or service you get, you may be able to use video chat to do your business with us.

So far, we’ve done video chats with students who claim Youth Allowance, and with people who wanted advice about their financial decisions. We’ve also done some social work interviews through video chat.

We plan to extend this service to other types of customers soon.

How video chats work

Our video chats are voluntary.

We’ll contact you in one of these ways:

  • send you a secure message in your myGov inbox
  • phone you to ask if you’d like to take part
  • arrange a video chat if you visit one of our service centres.

If you choose to take part in a video chat, you’ll book a time that suits you from a list of available appointments.

Once you’ve booked in a time, you’ll get a secure message to your myGov inbox. The message will include a link to your video chat. We’ll also include instructions on how to prepare for your appointment.

Only join the video chat from:

  • the secure message in your myGov inbox
  • your Centrelink online account and Express plus app under Manage Appointments.

For example, if you’re a student claiming Youth Allowance, we may invite you to use video chat to confirm your identity. This includes confirming you’re the person in one of your photo identity documents.

In the video chat, we’ll ask you to hold up the photo identity document you used in your claim. This is so we can check you’re the person in the document.

What technology you’ll need

You can use your own smart phone, tablet, computer or laptop with a microphone and a camera. You’ll need a connection to the internet.

If you use a smart phone or a tablet, you’ll also need the Microsoft Teams app.

You don’t need to sign up for a Microsoft Teams account. If you use a desktop computer, you can use your web browser or the Microsoft Teams app. Download the Microsoft Teams app to your device.


You’ll know our video chat is a genuine meeting. This is because we’ll only send the link to your video chat through your secure myGov inbox. The link will also appear in your Centrelink online account and your Express Plus Centrelink mobile app under Manage Appointments.

How to manage your video chat appointment

You can check your appointment details. You can do this using:

Your confirmed appointment will display under Manage Appointments in your Centrelink online account and the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.

If you can’t make your appointment, you’ll need to contact us. You can:

  • call the number on your myGov letter
  • contact us on your regular payment line.

You may be able to make a new time on the phone. However, you can’t change your appointment online.

Page last updated: 25 June 2021