How to upload PBS written authority requests through HPOS Form Upload

A guide for health professionals and their delegates who send PBS written authority documents through form upload in Health Professional Online Services (HPOS).

Delegates in HPOS can use the secure upload function when using their individual PRODA account.

Learn more about managing delegates who can act on your behalf in HPOS under Resources.

Step 1: select forms

Log in to your Provider Digital Access (PRODA) account to access HPOS. If you don’t have one, register for PRODA online.

Select Forms.

Select Secure Form Upload to open the Form upload screen.

Select the relevant form from the Form Category.

Select the Form type dropdown to search for the condition or item you’re prescribing.

Step 2: upload documents

Attach at least one form or prescription for each submission and attach up to 4 supporting documents or evidence. If you have more than 4 documents, save them as one PDF.

Select Browse or Choose File to find the document on your computer.

Select the correct ‘Attachment Type’ either Form or Supporting document.

Select Add File to attach the form or document. Select Browse and Add File to upload extra documents.

When all forms and documents are attached, select Send to submit.

Step 3: submitting the next form

To submit a new PBS authority prescription or application form, select My Mail or Back to go to Mail Centre - My mailbox.

Select Form upload to start a new application.

Step 4: note the Reference Number

You should upload one form and the supporting documents in each message so you can note the unique Reference Number (Ref No) on your patient’s file.

The Ref No of each form uploaded is displayed in the Mail Centre message list.

Step 5: notification of outcome

We’ll send you an email with the outcome of your authority request application, including the patient name, Ref No and Authority Prescription Number. If your request is:

  • Approved, the Prescriber must write the PBS Authority Approval Number on the PBS authority prescription. Then forward the PBS authority prescription to your patient
  • Approved with changes, Rejected, or an Opioid authority prescription, the details will be attached to our email reply.
Page last updated: 28 September 2023.
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