How to upload PBS written authority requests through HPOS Form Upload

A guide for health professionals and their delegates who send PBS written authority documents through form upload in Health Professional Online Services (HPOS).

By scanning completed PBS written authority documents and uploading it in HPOS, we remove postage times and can process and provide faster responses.

Before you upload your PBS written authority documents in HPOS, scan and save your PBS authority prescription or application form, and any supporting documents or evidence, as 1 PDF file to your desktop or laptop. Please note that applications must be uploaded separately for each patient through HPOS Form Upload.

Step 1: Log on to HPOS

1.1 To access HPOS, you’ll need to use your Provider Digital Access (PRODA) account. If you do not already have a PRODA account, register for one now.

Note: PRODA is not a replacement for organisation PKI site certificates.

Learn more about form upload with our eLearning module.

1.2 Enter your PRODA Username and Password.

Step 2: Forms

2.1 On the HPOS home page, select Forms.

Step 3: Secure Form Upload

3.1 Select Secure Form Upload in Mail Centre to open the Form upload screen.

3.2 Select your relevant form from the Form Category dropdown.

Note: PBS - Authority Application forms include conditions or items that need an authority application assessed before they can be prescribed because of their clinical use or other special features. This includes a number of Complex Authority Required (CAR) drugs.

PBS - Authority PBS Prescriptions include restricted conditions or items that need authority approval from us before they can be prescribed. These include Alzheimers medications, including the initial application form, PBS subsidised opioid medication for treatment longer than 1 month and other prescriptions for increased quantities or repeats.

3.3 Select the Form type dropdown to search for the condition or item you’re prescribing. It’s important that the option selected matches your authority request.

Note: The options under Form type change based on the form category you selected.

Tip: Type the first few letters to find the condition or item you’re prescribing. For example ‘an’ to find Ankylosing Spondylitis or ‘gr’ for Growth Hormone Program.

3.4 The Text field is optional. All information for your application should be on the form or prescription and within the supporting documents or evidence.

3.5 For Attachment/s you need to attach at least 1 form or prescription for each submission and can attach up to 4 supporting documents or evidence. Where possible please include all attachments as one file.

You should upload 1 PDF file containing the form or prescription first, and then the supporting document or evidence. If they’ve been saved as separate files, they can be attached as supporting documentation.

3.6 Select Browse to find the document on your computer.

Note: Your screen may display Choose File instead of Browse.

They both let you locate the file on your computer. Make sure you select the correct ‘Attachment Type’. This is either Form or Supporting document.

3.7 Select Add File to attach the form or document to display on the Form Upload screen. Continue to Browse and Add File to add extra documents.

Note: The system checks files for viruses. Select the correct file type. Most standard document and image file types can be uploaded. Video files or executable files can’t be uploaded.

3.8 When all forms and documents are attached, select Send to submit.

Step 4: Submitting the next form

4.1 To submit a new PBS authority prescription or application form, select My Mail or Back to go to Mail Centre – My mailbox.

4.2 Select Form upload to start a new application.

Note: Select the Form upload action link under Program mailbox to see the email history of submitted applications.

Step 5: Reference Number

5.1 We use a unique Reference Number (Ref No) for each message you send us. You should only upload 1 form and the supporting documents in each message. This is so each form sent to us has its own Ref No. It’s a good idea to note it on your patients file.

5.2 The Ref No of each form uploaded is displayed in the Mail Centre message list.

Note: The last 2 digits at the end of the Ref No show the number of transactions in the message thread. For example, 2359816-02 has 2 related messages.

Tip: Use the web browser find function to locate a Ref No in the list.

Step 6: Notifications of outcome

6.1 We’ll send you a new email with the outcome of the application, with the same Ref No as the submitted authority application form.

The email includes the outcome of the authority request, the patient name, Ref No and Authority Prescription Number.

  1. If Approved, the Prescriber must write the PBS Authority Approval Number on the PBS authority prescription. Then forward the PBS authority prescription to your patient.
  2. If the request is Approved with changes, Rejected or for an opioid authority prescription, the details will be attached to our email reply.

Further information


Delegates in HPOS have access to use the secure upload function. A delegate needs to access HPOS using their own PRODA account.

Learn more about managing delegates who can act on your behalf in HPOS under Resources.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022