If you’re a health professional

Health professionals can apply for an initial or additional Medicare provider number or PBS prescriber number using a form.

A Medicare provider number uniquely identifies both you and the place you work.

To apply for a Medicare provider number you need to meet the eligibility recognition requirements for your health profession.

GPs and medical specialists need to meet the requirements of section 19AA of the Health Insurance Act 1973 (the Act).

If you’re a medical intern you may be able to apply for a provider number online. Read more about applying for a provider number for medical interns.

How to apply for an initial Medicare provider number

You'll need to complete a form if you're applying for a provider number for the first time.

Select your profession to get the right form:

Download and complete the form, then send it with your supporting documents to the address on the form. Make sure you include your bank details so we can pay Medicare directly into your account.

To get recognition as a specialist or consulting physician, you'll need to apply for specialist and consulting physician recognition. You must have a provider number before you apply as a specialist.

How to apply for a PBS prescriber number

If you're eligible you can also apply for a PBS prescriber number. You need this to prescribe medicines for your patients under the PBS.

To apply, use the Application for a Medicare provider number and, or prescriber number for a medical practitioner form.

For allied health professionals, apply using Application for a Medicare provider number and, or prescriber number for allied health and non-medical health professionals form.

How to apply for an additional provider number

You'll need additional provider numbers if you work in more than one practice location, the same location, health profession, or discipline within your field.

You’ll also need one if you provide services at a Medicare Urgent Care Clinic (UCC).

Read more about Medicare UCCS and how to register if you're a medical practitioner or nurse practitioner on our Health Professional Education Resources website.

Find out how to apply for additional provider numbers.

Page last updated: 3 May 2023.
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