How much you can get

The amount of Austudy you get depends on how much you earn.

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We use an income test and an assets test to work out how much you can get.

Austudy is a taxable Centrelink payment. Read about paying tax on your payment.

Basic rates

This table shows the basic Austudy payment rates. These are the rates that apply to most people.

This table is a guide only.

Your situationYour maximum fortnightly payment from 1 January 2024
Single, no children$639.00
Single, with children$806.00
A couple, no children$639.00
A couple, with children$691.80

Your and your partner’s income and assets will affect the amount you can get. Use our Payment and Service Finder to find out how much you could get. It will be an estimate only and depends on you entering accurate information. You’ll need to enter your income details along with your partner’s income and other details.

Other rates

We use different rates if you’ve been getting an income support payment long term before moving onto Austudy.

To get a different rate all of the following must apply. You:

  • must have been getting an income support payment that isn’t a student payment immediately before claiming Austudy
  • have been getting an income support payment continuously for at least 26 of the last 39 weeks before starting your course of study
  • don’t have a dependent child.

The different rates may also apply if all of the following apply:

  • you don’t have a dependent child
  • English is not your first language
  • you’re studying an English language course.

If you have a dependent child, please check the basic rates that apply to your situation.

Your situationYour maximum fortnightly payment
Single, no children$754.60
A couple, no children$691.80
Page last updated: 1 January 2024.
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