How gifting can affect your payment

If you or your partner gift money, income or assets, we may assess it in your income and assets tests.

Before you or your partner make a gift, contact us to check if it will change your payment. You should call your regular payment line.

We also have a free Financial Information Service to help you make informed decisions about your finances.

We assess your gifts to see both:

  • how they reduce your assets
  • if they go over the allowable amounts for gifting.

Any gifts you made in the past 5 years may count in your income and assets tests.

If you aren’t required to report your income to us regularly, you must tell us about any gifts, sales or transfers, within 14 days.

If you do report regularly, you must tell us on or before your reporting date, of the period when the gift, sale or transfer happens.

If you don’t, we may overpay you.

You can report gifts, sales or transfers in any of the following ways:

Page last updated: 1 September 2022