Home Care Package Subsidy for providers

The Australian Government pays the Home Care Package Subsidy to approved providers for each person receiving government-subsidised home care.

If you’re an approved home care provider you can claim the Home Care Packages subsidy. You can do this on behalf of each person in your care receiving government-subsidised home care.

This subsidy covers most of the cost of a person’s Home Care Package if they have approval to receive government-subsidised aged care. They may be asked to help with the cost, if they can afford to.

You can check if a person has approval for government-subsidised aged care in the My Aged Care service provider portal. If they don’t, they’ll need to contact My Aged Care to get a referral for a new assessment.

Every month, you’ll need to give your care recipients a monthly statement. Find out more about what to include in the monthly statement on the Health and Aged Care website.


The Australian Government pays supplements to help approved providers with the cost of certain care and service needs.

If you provide care to a person who’s eligible, you get the supplement on their behalf.

Find out more about supplements for home care packages and how to apply on the Health and Aged Care website.

More information

Read more about the Home Care Packages subsidy on the Health and Aged Care website.

Page last updated: 19 December 2022.
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