Home care cap thresholds

The annual and lifetime caps applied to the income-tested home care fees.

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Annual caps

There are 2 annual cap amounts that may apply in home care. These caps apply at 2 different daily rates. This depends on a care recipient’s financial circumstances:

  • for part-pensioners or other care recipients equal to or below the maximum income-tested care threshold
  • for self-funded retirees or other care recipients above the maximum income-tested threshold.

Annual caps reset each year on the anniversary of a care recipient’s entry into aged care. Once this reset occurs the care recipient needs to pay the income-tested care fee until the annual cap is reached again.

You can find the annual cap amounts for home care on the Health website.

Lifetime caps

A lifetime cap applies when the total income-tested care fees paid by a care recipient over their lifetime in aged care reaches the threshold.

We calculate the lifetime cap amounts by tallying the care subsidy reductions against the cap at the end of that month.

Once the cap is reached, the care recipient can’t be asked to pay any more income-tested home care fees.

You can find the lifetime cap amounts for home care on the Health website.

Page last updated: 10 December 2021.
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