If you’re not eligible for Medicare

If you’re not eligible for Medicare, you need an Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI) to get your proof of COVID-19 vaccinations online.

You can get an IHI using the Individual Healthcare Identifiers service (IHI service) through myGov.

First, you need to check if you already have an IHI. You have an IHI if any of the following apply:

  • you have a Medicare card
  • you have a DVA card
  • you’re enrolled in Medicare.

If any of these do apply, you can get your proof using either your:

If you don’t have an IHI, you can use the IHI service through myGov to apply for one and link it. To do this, sign in to myGov then:

  1. Select Services or Link your first service.
  2. Select Individual Healthcare Identifiers service and then follow the prompts.

You don’t need an IHI to get the vaccines, you only need it to get proof of your vaccinations.

We also have information about how to get proof online if you are not eligible for Medicare in Easy Read format.

If you were previously enrolled in Medicare

When you were previously enrolled in Medicare, we would have given you an IHI. To find out what your IHI is, contact the Healthcare Identifiers Service line. You can use your old IHI to link the IHI service to myGov to get proof of your COVID-19 vaccinations.

Page last updated: 25 February 2022