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Find out about Medicare and how to access health care services.

Medicare is Australia’s universal health care system. Read more about Medicare.

You’ll need to enrol in Medicare to access Medicare services. When you enrol, we'll send your Medicare card to you.

It’s best to bring your valid Medicare card or number with you when you visit a health professional.

We can also help you find a doctor.

What Medicare covers

We cover the costs for part or all of the following services:

  • seeing a GP or specialist
  • tests and scans, like x-rays
  • most surgery and procedures performed by doctors
  • eye tests by optometrists.

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Medicare doesn’t cover

We don’t pay for things like:

  • ambulance services
  • most dental services
  • glasses, contact lenses and hearing aids
  • cosmetic surgery.

How much it will cost

We don’t cover the costs of all health care services. If your doctor bulk bills, we’ll cover the cost and you won’t need to pay at all. If they don’t bulk bill, you’ll need to pay for the appointment.

Private health insurance may help to cover some health care costs that we don’t. Read more about private health insurance and Medicare.

When you make your appointment, you should ask if they bulk bill. If they don’t, you should ask:

  • what they charge
  • what you may get back from us.

To find a doctor who bulk bills, use the find a health service tool on the healthdirect website.

It’s best to bring your valid Medicare card or number with you when you see your doctor.

Download the Express Plus Medicare mobile app so you’ll always have a digital copy of your card with you.

How to get medicine

From time to time, you may need medicine to treat or prevent health issues. We can help you with the costs of your medicines. Read more about medicine and Medicare.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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