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Topic Booking Date Time (AEST) Audience
Aged Pension your choices (Part 1) Coming soon 12 October 2023 6:30 pm All
Aged Pension your choices (Part 2) Coming soon 17 October 2023 6:30 pm All
Retrenched and looking for work Coming soon 8 November 2023 6:30 pm All

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Topic Watch Date recorded Audience
Gifting and Lump Sums Watch now 20 September 2023 All
Aged Care Basics Watch now 13 September 2023 All
Mortgage Basics and Creating Savings Watch now 24 August 2023 All
Retirement Income Streams Watch now 22 August 2023 Retirees/Pre-retirees
Planning for your Retirement years and Working beyond Age Pension age Watch now 28 July 2023 Pre-retirees
Superannuation Basics Watch now 25 July 2023 All
Retrenchment and Looking for work Watch now 29 June 2023 All
Financial Fitness Watch now 27 June 2023 All

Youth Allowance for students and Australian Apprentices. Understanding your obligations

Watch now 20 June 2023 Students/Apprentices
Super for Women Watch now 23 May 2023 All
Disability and Carers Watch now 27 April 2023 All
Understanding Home Equity Access Scheme and Reverse Mortgages Watch now 30 March 2023 All
Accommodation Options in Retirement Watch now 28 March 2023 Retirees
Aged Care Fees and Charges Part 3 Watch now 8 December 2022 Retirees
Aged Care Fees and Charges Part 2 Watch now 7 December 2022 Retirees
Aged Care Fees and Charges Part 1 Watch now 6 December 2022 Retirees
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