Exemptions for the multiple patient verification upload limit

Information about how to apply for exemptions to the limit on multiple patient verification uploads

Daily upload limit

From 8 September you can only request 50 multiple patient verification checks in a daily upload request through HPOS. This has been reduced from 500 patient checks per upload request.


In certain circumstances, we may grant an exemption to the daily limit. If you get an exemption, your daily limit will go back to 500 patient checks.

Exemption criteria

The reason for an exemption can only be about using the patient verification service for claiming purposes.

We’ll consider exemption requests on a case-by-case basis. We may approve exemptions if you:

  • have to process a high volume of patient claims each day
  • have to process patient claims for multiple providers
  • are in a rural or remote location with known connectivity issues.

We may also approve an exemption if you are experiencing major financial hardship because of either:

  • changes to systems
  • business billing and claiming practices.

This exemption is only for when you’re transitioning and is only for a set period.

How to apply for an exemption

An individual provider or site’s PKI Site Certificate Authorised Officer can apply for the exemption. Delegates can’t apply for an exemption or apply on behalf of a provider.

To apply for an exemption, email your written application through your HPOS mailbox service.

You must provide both your:

  • individual provider or site’s return authorisation number
  • reason for an exemption.

When you’ll find out about an exemption

We’ll tell you the outcome of your application within 21 working days from the date we got your exemption request.

We’ll review all exemptions yearly.

Page last updated: 10 December 2021