Education guide - Register for Medicare Easyclaim

How to register and claim using Medicare Easyclaim.

Register for Medicare Easyclaim

Medicare Easyclaim is a digital claiming channel that helps practices lodge Medicare bulk bill and patient claims using either:

  • a stand-alone EFTPOS terminal with enabled Medicare Easyclaim software
  • an EFTPOS terminal integrated with your practice management software (PMS).

To register for Medicare Easyclaim you need to:

Medicare Easyclaim - stand-alone

To lodge bulk bill claims with the stand-alone service complete the forms and register for Health Professionals Online Services.

Each provider in the practice needs to complete both the

You need to register for HPOS to get bulk bill processing and payment reports.

You don’t need to fill in any forms to lodge patient claims.

Medicare Easyclaim - integrated with PMS

For the Medicare Easyclaim integrated solution you need to:

  1. Register for Medicare Online and apply for a PKI site certificate - you can lodge bulk bill claims through Medicare Easyclaim or Medicare Online.
  2. Research the software features you need and check software vendors offering online claiming functions.
  3. Contact your software vendor or your EFTPOS provider and check if they offer integrated Medicare Easyclaim.
  4. Check your PMS is approved by us to support Medicare Online claiming for bulk bill and patient claims.

Functions may vary between software products. You can research the capability of software products before engaging a software vendor.

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Update your online claiming details

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Page last updated: 10 December 2021