How to help with your patient’s medical review

How you can help if your patient is undergoing a Disability Support Pension (DSP) medical review.

We may need to review whether your patient still meets medical rules to keep getting DSP.

If your patient has a medical review we apply the 2012 revised Impairment Tables. You can read about Impairment Tables on the Department of Social Services website.

We also reassess their ability to work.

Your patient can read about medical reviews and what to do if we contact them to participate in a review.

Medical evidence for the review

We may require you to complete a medical report for your patient if they are having a review. You can claim your time to complete the report under a Medicare item when included as part of the consultation. Your patient will need to book a longer consult time in order for you to complete the report.

Your patient can use a Disability Support Pension Review - Medical Evidence Requirements form. This will help them to get medical evidence for their DSP medical review. Your patient may ask you to help them gather current medical evidence for their medical review.

You can also use the Medical Evidence Checklist for treating health professionals form to check your patient’s medical evidence. This can help you ensure it includes relevant information about their condition.

If you need help to find a claim form for a medical review report, you can follow our instructions. Read more about how to find Centrelink medical forms through HPOS.

Assessment process

Once we get the medical evidence, we’ll review it to see if your patient meets medical rules for DSP.

We may require your patient to attend a Job Capacity Assessment as part of the review.

We may also require your patient to attend a Disability Medical Assessment with a Government-contracted Doctor.

Your patient can read more about Job Capacity Assessments and Disability Medical Assessments.

We may contact you as part of the assessment process. One of our assessors, health professionals, Authorised Review Officers or Government-contracted Doctors may contact you.

We may ask you to disclose any medical information relevant to assessing your patient’s eligibility for DSP. This may include medical and specialist reports, clinical notes, medical records or other information.

We’ll ask your patient to complete a Consent to disclose medical information form.

This confirms their consent for you to disclose relevant information about their disability or medical conditions to our assessors.

After the assessment

After we’ve assessed their situation, we contact customers to advise them of the outcome of their medical review.

If they’re no longer eligible to get DSP, your patient may be able to get other payments.

Page last updated: 10 December 2021