How to help with your patient’s claim

How you can help if your patient is claiming Disability Support Pension (DSP). If your patient claims DSP, we may need more information about their condition.

If your patient claims DSP

They’ll need to provide current medical evidence for each condition that affects their work capacity.

The evidence needs to show details of diagnosis and how your patient’s condition affects them. In most cases, we also need information about treatment and prognosis. We may also need specialist medical evidence for certain conditions.

Treating doctors no longer need to do a medical report. We’ll give your patient a Claim for DSP Medical Evidence Checklist form. This will help them gather the type of evidence we need.

You can also use the Medical Evidence Checklist for treating health professionals form. This may help you support your patient to provide medical evidence. You can use this to check if your patient’s medical evidence includes relevant information about their condition.

If your patient has a terminal illness

If your patient has a terminal illness, you can complete a Verification of Terminal Illness form. This supports their claim for Disability Support Pension. This applies if the average life expectancy for a person with the same condition is less than 2 years.

You can also complete the verification section in the Claim for Disability Support Pension for a Terminal Illness form. Your patient may bring this form for you to complete.

If we need to verify medical evidence for a DSP claim

One of our health or allied health professionals may contact you to talk about the medical evidence.

If we contact you, it’s important you prepare and make time to speak with the assessor. This will help us get the information we need to assess a claim. If we can’t get this information, we may reject their claim.

We may need to speak with you about your patient’s condition. We may be able to pay you for these consultations.

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Page last updated: 10 December 2021