Claiming Away from Base Assistance after your activity

You can pay for your meals and accommodation to attend an activity and ask us for reimbursement.

To apply for a reimbursement, you’ll need to give us a statement from the education provider. The statement will need to include the following information:

  • details of the activity including where it took place and the dates you attended
  • the activity was a compulsory part of the course
  • the relevance of the activity to the course
  • confirmation the work completed during the activity contributed to the course assessment.

You'll need to lodge your claim by 1 April of the year following the activity.

If you arranged your own travel, you can also claim ABSTUDY Fares Allowance. You’ll need to claim this by 31 March of the year following the activity. This is so we can reimburse your travel costs.

Who we pay

If your education provider organises a residential expenses package, we’ll pay 1 of the following:

  • your education provider
  • the organisation incurring the cost.

If you claim ABSTUDY Fares Allowance as a reimbursement, we’ll pay 1 of the following:

  • you, if you paid for the travel
  • education provider, if they paid for the travel
  • other organisation, if they paid for the travel.

If you lodge a claim for a daily allowance, we’ll pay you.

If you need help, call the ABSTUDY line.

Page last updated: 29 March 2023.
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