Wellbeing comes from physical, mental and emotional health. For children and young people, there are many things that build wellbeing.

Wellbeing can come from:

  • understanding and managing emotions
  • having good relationships
  • having a sense of accomplishment
  • using their strengths
  • taking part in healthy activities, getting lots of sleep and eating well.

Access wellbeing and mental health care

If you need help with your child’s wellbeing, you should talk to your doctor.

Medicare can help pay some or all of the costs of seeing a doctor. If they bulk bill, you won’t need to pay at all.

To find a doctor who bulk bills, use the find a health service tool on the healthdirect website.

Visit the Raising Children Network website for resources on:

Help in your state or territory

Find local helplines, telephone and online counselling services for children, young people and adults on the Australian Institute of Family Studies website.

Make social connections

Social engagement and socialising with other children can improve your and your child’s wellbeing. Strong social connections can also boost your child’s confidence and lead to new friendships.

You could find social engagement at a community group, class or club. Ask your local council, public library, public swimming pool or sports club what’s on offer. Or search the My Community Directory website to see what’s available in your area.

Read about community connections for children on the Raising Children Network website.

Page last updated: 23 October 2023.
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