Child Wellbeing subsidy amount

You’ll be able to access 100 hours of subsidised care each fortnight for the child.

We’ll pay the lower of either:

  • 100% of the fee charged where it’s equal to or below the hourly rate cap
  • up to 120% of the hourly rate cap where the fee charged is above the hourly rate cap.

If eligible, you’ll get this subsidy for up to 6 weeks. After this initial 6 weeks, your child care service may think you need to keep getting this additional subsidy. If this is the case, they can apply for longer periods of up to 13 weeks. Your service can apply for up to 52 weeks if any of the following apply to the child:

  • they are on a long term protection order
  • they are in formal foster care
  • they are in a formal kinship care arrangement.

Page last updated: 10 December 2021