How we can help

What you can do at Agents and Access Points.

At an Agent or Access Point you can access all of the following services:

  • use internet enabled computers and printers
  • access free Wi-Fi without a password
  • call us using the phone provided
  • scan, copy, print and upload documents
  • verify identity documents
  • access online information about payments and services.

At an Agent you can also get help for all of these:

  • set up and access digital services
  • find online information about payments and services
  • get a referral to other services.

Staff at Agents and Access Points aren’t Services Australia staff. They cannot:

  • make any payments or decisions about payments
  • review, assess or vary payments
  • complete or submit claims on your behalf.

Agents and temporary SmartCards

Some Agents have temporary SmartCards.

You can ask a participating Agent for a temporary SmartCard if you:

  • are swapping your CDC for a SmartCard
  • lose, damage or misplace your SmartCard
  • are waiting for your personalised SmartCard to arrive in the mail.

To find a participating Agent site, call the SmartCard eIM hotline.

Page last updated: 6 March 2023.
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