How we can help

What you can do at Agents and Access Points.

At an Agent or Access Point you can access all of the following services:

  • use internet enabled computers and printers
  • access free Wi-Fi without a password
  • call us using the phone provided
  • scan, copy, print and upload documents
  • verify identity documents
  • access online information about payments and services.

At an Agent you can also get help for all of these:

  • set up and access digital services
  • find online information about payments and services
  • get a referral to other services.

Staff at Agents and Access Points aren’t Services Australia staff. They cannot:

  • make any payments or decisions about payments
  • review, assess or vary payments
  • complete or lodge claims on your behalf.

Agents issuing temporary Cashless Debit Cards

Some Agents can issue temporary debit cards to customers in the Northern Territory and the Cape York region in Queensland.

They’ll issue a temporary card if either:

  • you lose, damage or misplace your CDC
  • you’re waiting for a personalised card to arrive by mail.

Page last updated: 23 November 2022