Organisation Register

The Organisation Register allows health organisations to register and participate in multiple Government healthcare programs.

It aims to reduce the number of times that health organisations need to provide information when they register for government programs.

The Organisation Register does this by asking organisations to provide most of the information needed only once. The information already provided can then be re-used for participation in multiple health programs in the future.

To help make this work, it’s important that organisations keep their information up-to-date, when there are changes.

It’s important when relocating or if there’s a change of ownership in the business that you let us know before you do this.

Health Organisations need to register to get payments or participate in the following:

More programs will be added to the register over time.

If your practice is already in the Organisation Register

If your Organisation (practice) is already registered, check your accreditation details are recorded and participating providers are linked. Individual healthcare programs won’t be available for selection in the Program Registration tab in the Organisation Site Record until commencement.

Before registering

Before registering your Organisation, you’ll need the following:

  • An active Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • Details of an Associate – a person listed against the ABN on the Australian Business Register (ABR). Sole traders, government entities, and trusts may have an Authorised Contact listed on the ABR.
  • Details of an Authorised Contact – a person with an active Individual PRODA account and their Registration Authority (RA) number.
  • Provider location numbers of GPs – who are providing services at your practice, so you can link them to the Organisation Site. Make sure their address is the same as the physical practice address.
  • Details of your accreditation or relevant exemption – as outlined on the Department of Health and Aged Care website.
  • PRODA account – you need an individual PRODA account to register your Organisation in PRODA before you can use the Organisation Register. Find out how to register for an individual PRODA account.
  • Register an Organisation in PRODA.
  • Link your Organisation in PRODA to HPOS.

For more information about registering your Organisation in the Organisation Register, go to the Health Professional Education website.

Page last updated: 1 November 2023.
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