Who we share your IHI with

Find out who we share your Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI) number with and how they use it.

We share your individual healthcare identifier (IHI) number with all of the following:

  • health professionals
  • your My Health Record, if you have one
  • anyone you’ve given permission to have your information.

Our Privacy Policy explains how we handle your personal information.

Sharing your IHI with health professionals

Health professionals use your IHI to make sure they are accessing the right record when uploading information. Your health professional can only get your IHI from us if they provide your Medicare or DVA details.

My Health Record

You need an IHI to have a My Health Record. This is a secure online summary of your health information.

Read more on the My Health Record website.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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