Voluntary Income Management

You may have volunteered for Income Management because you needed help managing your payments.

From 4 September 2023, you can no longer volunteer for Income Management with a BasicsCard. Instead, you can volunteer for enhanced Income Management if you live in an area where the program is available.

If you chose to have your payments income managed, you have to stay on Income Management for a minimum of 13 weeks from the date you started. After that, you can stop Income Management at any time. You can do this using your online account or you can contact us.

If you are on Income Management, you can choose to move to enhanced Income Management and get a SmartCard. If you choose not to move, you will stay on Income Management and can keep using your BasicsCard if you have one.

If you decide not to move to enhanced Income Management and your circumstances change, you might need to move to enhanced Income Management later.

About your payment

If you volunteered for Income Management before 4 September 2023, 50% of your payments and 100% of any advance and lump sum payments go to your Income Management account. The rest of your payments goes to your normal bank account.

Reviews and appeals

You have the right to appeal any decision we make. Read about reviews and appeals.

Page last updated: 14 November 2023.
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