View track scaling and exemptions

Steps for overseas trained doctors (OTD) to track their scaling details and view location 19AB exemption details in Health Professional Online Services (HPOS).

You need an individual Provider Digital Access (PRODA) account to access Health Professional Online Services (HPOS). If you don’t have one, you can register for an individual PRODA account. Then follow the steps to link your identifiers so that you can use HPOS.

You won’t be able to access HPOS using a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate from 4 March 2024.

Scaling is a non-cash incentive for overseas trained doctors (OTD) to work in specific geographical locations. Scaling is applicable to those who wish to reduce their moratorium period.

View scaling details

Follow these steps to view the start and end date of your scaling details, scaling outcomes and your location schedule fee totals displayed per month.


  1. Select Track and scale from the main menu.
  2. Select Track and scale - scaling details.

The following information will be displayed:

  • Date your scaling started.
  • End date of your obligation period.
  • Total time credited - total number of years and days credited to you. This total is rounded up to show whole years and days and is the actual time credited within eligible months. For example, 20.1 days credited in a month will be credited as 21 days to the total time credited.
  • Revised scaled end date. This is your updated end date minus the total time credited.

How to interpret the scaling outcomes section:

  • RA1 Schedule fee totals aren’t included in the monthly threshold and are displayed for information purposes only.
  • A dash (-) indicates there were no eligible schedule fee totals for that RA location in that month or you were not included in scaling for that month. The days credited by month displays whole credited days. Part days will be rounded to the closest whole number. Credited time will only be applied if the total schedule fee amounts claimed meet the threshold for that month and in accordance with the RA with the highest volume of schedule fee totals.
  • Deferral periods - this will only appear for participants in the Medical Rural Bonded Scholarship scheme and Bonded Medical Places scheme.

View location schedule fee totals

Follow these steps to view schedule fee totals claimed for locations that contributed towards your scaling for that month.


  1. Select Track and scale from the main menu.
  2. Select Track and scale - scaling details under Services.

In the scaling outcomes section for the relevant month, the following will display:

  • all the locations that were eligible for scaling for that month
  • the schedules fee totals claimed for that location
  • the locations in RA order
  • select View details in the Action row to view a full listing of the location schedule fee totals for that month.

View location s19AB exemption details

Search for the most recent 19AB exemptions issued for a location, expired locations, areas not covered as well as exemption start and end dates.


  1. Select Track and scale from the main menu.
  2. Select Track and scale - location s19AB exemption details.

The column exemption status will display:

  • Active - there is a current 19AB exemption.
  • Expired - an 19AB exemption for this location has expired.
  • Blank/null - the location is not covered by 19AB exemption.
Page last updated: 15 June 2024.
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