Setting up your web services software

Information about how to set up your aged care web services software.

Before you start

Before you can set up web services software you’ll need to:

Step 1 - Register for a Provider Digital Access (PRODA) organisation account

To start using web services software, you’ll need to register your organisation in PRODA. Before you register, make sure:

Step 2 - Register your devices in PRODA

Once you’ve registered your organisation in PRODA, you’ll need to register and activate all your B2B devices. A B2B device gives your organisation authorised access to our aged care services through your web services software. Your software developer can help you with this step. Learn more about managing B2B devices.

Step 3 - Delegate attributes

After you’ve registered your organisation and devices in PRODA, you can delegate attributes to other members of your organisation. An attribute gives the member permission to perform management functions on behalf of your organisation.

To action tasks quickly, consider delegating the ‘Owner Access’ attribute to more than one person in your organisation. This will allow them to use all management functions in PRODA. Visit understanding management attributes for more information.

Step 4 - Register the details of which services are using B2G software

You’ll need to tell us which services will use the software, as well as the provider and software details. To do this, complete the Register or update for Aged Care web services form (AC027). Your software developer can help with this step too.

Step 5 - Start using your software

We’ll let your software developer know once the registration process is complete. After we let them know, you can start using your web services software.

If there are functions or features your software doesn’t support, you may need to use the Aged Care Provider Portal to access them. This may include viewing the status of information you submit.

Ending your software registration

If you don’t need your software anymore, you’ll need to end the registration. To do this, complete the Register or update for Aged Care web services form.

Page last updated: 29 June 2023.
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