Selection process

If you’re shortlisted after you apply for the Aurora Neurodiversity Program, you’ll participate in our tailored selection process.

We work with Specialisterne Australia to deliver a supportive and inclusive selection process.

Specialisterne is a dedicated recruiter for people with autism. They have years of experience developing inclusive and supportive hiring processes for people with autism.

The selection process is designed to find job-ready candidates with specific skillsets that our agency needs.

There are no interviews or psychometric tests. Instead, Aurora uses pre-selection exercises and a 3-week assessment program to identify and match candidate skills to roles.

There are 6 steps in the selection process.

Step 1: participate in a screening workshop

If you’re shortlisted after submitting your online application, you’ll be invited to participate in a one-day practical screening workshop. This is where you’ll find out more about the roles we’re hiring for. You’ll complete assessments to determine your suitability for the opportunities.

If you’re shortlisted from the screening workshop, we’ll invite you to participate in the training and assessment program.

Step 2: participate in the training and assessment program

The training and assessment program involves a 3-week assessment program, which you can do virtually or face-to-face.

You’ll take part in a range of activities and assessments, including individual and group activities to showcase your unique skills and abilities. You’ll  meet team members and managers from the agency who are looking to fill the role you applied for. They will give you activities and tasks that you’ll be expected to perform in the role. This will help them match you to a role.

At the end of the 3-week assessment program, we’ll shortlist candidates.

Step 3: attend an onsite training day

If you’re shortlisted, we’ll invite you to visit the office for a training day to better understand the workplace and the team.

This training day may be a virtual visit depending on the public health advice in your area.

The training day will help our hiring managers select who they want for the role.

Step 4: do a pre-employment check

Before we can make you an offer of employment, you’ll need to do a pre-employment check. You’ll receive support to complete the required paperwork.

If you’re not selected, you may be considered for other Specialisterne opportunities.

Step 5: accept a job offer

If you’re selected, we’ll offer you employment in a non-ongoing specialist role.

Step 6: get support

Before starting with the agency, we’ll develop an individual support plan to make sure you get appropriate support and workplace adjustments. Managers and teams will receive autism awareness training and Specialisterne will provide ongoing support.

You’ll also be matched with a buddy before starting in the role. Buddies will help you settle into the agency and the APS.

We also provide mentors throughout the program to support and guide you in your career and personal objectives.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the selection process, please email Specialisterne.

Page last updated: 14 January 2022