Request a pay group link

Pay group links allow providers to direct a Medicare benefit to another payee associated with their practice.

How provider pay group links work

We usually pay Medicare benefit cheques to the provider at their location address. A pay group link allows us to send Medicare benefit cheques to a third person. This person could be a health professional associated with your practice or practising at another location.

Pay group links are also used to pay health professionals who work in government-funded organisations. All providers who work for a government-funded organisation need a pay group link. This is so we can pay Medicare benefits directly to the healthcare service.

Providers can also use pay group links to:

  • send cheques to a private hospital or a company in private practice where the third person works
  • direct cheques to their company name or to a specific mailing address, for example, a post office box.

Pay group links only apply to cheque payments and only for a particular practice location. Pay group links don’t work with Electronic Funds Transfer payments.

How to arrange a pay group link

To arrange for us to pay benefits to a third party, complete the request for a pay group link form.

Both you and the third party must sign the form for either:

  • a new pay group link to pay cheques to a third party
  • changes to a pay group link that involves a third party.

Cancel a pay group link

You must send us a written request to cancel a pay group link. We’ll let the payee know you’ve cancelled the arrangement.

Page last updated: 10 December 2021