Receipting HSD prescriptions

Information for receipting prescriptions under the HSD CA arrangement.

The patient, or an agent of the patient, must sign and date the HSD prescription after it has been supplied to certify they have received the item. Agents acting on behalf of the patient must sign, date and write their own address on the receipt.

The approved supplier must certify the benefit was supplied where it is impractical to get a receipt or acknowledgement from the patient or their agent.

A certification must include all these:

  • the reason why a receipt could not be received from the patient or agent
  • the date of supply
  • the pharmacist’s name and signature.

Other pharmacy staff must not act as an agent or certify supply in the ordinary course of pharmacy business.

PBS Safety Net for HSDs CA arrangement

All PBS HSDs dispensed under this initiative will count towards an eligible person's PBS Safety Net threshold.

Under the PBS Safety Net, patients receive additional PBS benefits when their annual out-of-pocket cost for prescription items exceeds a specified threshold. The PBS Safety Net threshold can be reached using prescriptions filled at community pharmacies and friendly societies at public hospitals.

HSD-approved hospitals must be registered as Safety Net hospitals. This includes non-participating public hospitals supplying HSDs.

Page last updated: 10 December 2021