Putting the person before the process

We’re introducing better ways of serving customers at our service centres.

Our face-to-face services are a critical part of how we support people.

Our new approach offers a more consistent service, tailored to individual needs. It puts the person before the process and the interaction before the transaction.

Watch the 'Your service centre' video to see the new approach in action.

If customers need to visit us, we want their experience to be smooth from start to finish. Our approach is designed to give people choice, so they can select the option that works best for them.

Customers can skip the queue for Centrelink services by booking an appointment. With an appointment, the customer can go straight from reception to a waiting area, and we serve them within minutes of their appointment time.

Luke, the Face to Face Strategy Assistant Director, said ‘When a customer walks in and approaches reception, we ask them 4 simple questions. We establish what they need and direct them to the right area of the service centre.

‘One of these areas is general enquiries, where customers can tell us about their situation. If the interaction takes less than 10 minutes, we’ll help them on the spot,’ he said.

‘If more time is needed, we’ll offer digital services with support, followed by an appointment at another time.

‘If a customer needs urgent help, we’ll see them as soon as possible.

‘We’re striving for continuous improvement. That’s why we ask customers for feedback before they leave.’

The changes are proving a winner, with 98% of customers saying they feel informed and satisfied when they leave us.

According to customer Aaron, the changes have been great.

‘Before when you walked in here, it used to be tiny and congested but now it’s opened right up. The self help desk is really good.’

Other customers told us they love the changes too. ‘I thought I’d come down here because I just need that little bit of help and it’s been brilliant,’ said Karen.

‘I think it’s working very successfully, the people are very attentive, supportive and pleasant,’ said Phillip.

Our new ways of serving customers are already delivering simple, helpful, respectful and transparent services in all service centres.

This isn’t the only change you’ll notice as we make government services simple so people can get on with their lives.

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Page last updated: 23 November 2022.
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